Apache Lightpipe Digital Patchbay Announced

Frontier Design Group - January 2002

ANAHEIM, CA -- Frontier Design group has announced the Apache, a digital patchbay with 12 optical inputs and 12 optical outputs (96 channels of 24-bit audio) in a 1U rackmount configuration. Featuring an independent precision PLL for each optical input, Apache carefully re-clocks all incoming ADAT signals, for trouble-free patching at all resolutions. Apache has easy-access routing controls and indicators on the front panel (there's no menu hierarchy to navigate). With Apache, you can:

  • Route an input to one or more outputs.
  • Use the optical ports for either ADAT-format or TOSLINK-format signals.
  • Store and recall 12 presets (complete routing setups) within Apache.
  • Store and recall an unlimited number of presets, and control Apache routing from a computer, via MIDI system-exclusive commands.
  • Select "Scanning Status" mode for continuous information about all current patches, or select "Activity Status" mode for detailed information about specific patches.
  • Connect multiple Apaches, using the MIDI in/out ports to expand the patchbay beyond 12 inputs and 12 outputs.

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