TranzPort Wins Two Awards At Unveiling

Frontier Design Group - September 2004

It happened at the October 2004 AES Show in San Francisco. The team from Frontier Design Group was assembled to show off its brand new wireless DAW controller, and from the very start the “buzz” was constant. “Within a few hours of opening there was already a steady stream of people dragging their friends over to see it,” said Sales Manager Brian George. “I can’t tell you how many times I heard people say ‘How come nobody has done this before!? This will totally change the way I work!’ ”

Some industry heavyweights were similarly impressed, including a well-known music trade writer who came to say “I heard about it from a friend, and when he said it was from Frontier I knew it would be good!” People came to see it, try it out, and ask questions. “Does it work with Pro Tools?” Yes. “Can I use it from the next room?” Yes. “Can I adjust monitor mixes with it?” Yes. “Can it be used worldwide?” Yes. The questions were constant, but the answers hit the mark.

On last day of the show TransPort was awarded a 2005 “PAR Excellence” award from the staff of Pro Audio Review and a “Mix Certified Hit” award from the staff of Mix Magazine. “After such hard work creating this revolutionary product, it is a thrill to see it get such strong, positive reception,” said Barry Braksick, Frontier Design Group’s co-founder. “The response at this show from serious audio professionals has been tremendous, and these awards reflect this interest.”

TranzPort is expected to ship Q2 of 2005, with an MSRP of $249. More information is available at

Mix Certified Hit AwardPAR Excellence Award

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