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Common Questions and Their Answers

How do I get Rain Stick to play louder or softer?

Tilt your phone upside down. If it is vertical it will play as loud and quickly as it can. If you now tilt it less vertically it will play quieter, and take longer to empty. As you approach a horizontal angle, it will stop completely.

OK, but how do I change the overall volume of the sounds?

The "master" volume control is part of the Music program. Start the Music program and adjust its sound volume slider to also adjust the Rain Stick volume level. (Or, if the Music program is playing in the background, quickly press the Home button twice to bring up the Music controls, including the volume slider.) Sorry, but there is no way to adjust the Rain Stick sound level independent of the Music sound level.

Can I make sounds by tilting the iPhone while on the Info Screen?

Yes, it keeps on playing while on the Info Screen.

How do I play along with tunes on my iPhone music player?

Click here to see step-by-step instructions for doing this.

Any plans for an update?

You just never know ...

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