2 Two things please..

by Scott Murrell

3 I beg you, IPAD support

by akumar79

5 Export to midi

by Sach160

7 ukulele

by marklam_hk

9 Keep up the great work!

by Oceanside Carpet

11 Recording vocals

by truth1ness

12 Recording into your DAW

by basharun

13 Copy/Paste

by rnm

15 B7 and A7 errors

by kimura4

16 Huge lag on 3GS

by tonyludiker

18 Different sounds/guitars

by Jubedog

19 guitar slide sounds

by defrian

22 Time Signature

by dmesser

23 Feature request

by Stream

24 Suggestion

by mavevick

26 I have a good idea!!

by bigapple1988