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I've doenloaded he iShred Live and bought my Griffin GuitarConnect Cable but Ikeeping getting a pop up box on the App saying 'waiting for input' No external audio input is availalbe etc......

I've have 4 guitars (3 electric) and tried all of them with the same result, I've used my acoustic with pre-amp still the same. I've taken the cable back to store and got an exchange for a new one. I feel I've tried all options but still 'waiting for input' surely you can advise. Or do I just give up?

Very Dissapointed.

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Hey geetarplaya,

Oh, no, let's not just give up!

There are a few things (at least) to try.

1. Do you have a headset (earbuds with a mic in the cable)? If so, you should be able to plug it in instead of the Griffin cable and run your voice through the live effects. That would verify that the hardware jack and the app are working. (What kind of device are you using?)

2. If the Griffin cable is working properly, then you should be able to use it with other apps that record and play audio. For example, the standard Voice Memos app. Does that work?

3. One more thought is related to the headset jack on the device. Believe it or not, we have see some that don't work because they have a plug of lint in them. And it can be very difficult to get out. We've had success with compressed air, FWIW. If you have a lint plug in there, then even a headset using the Voice Memos won't work correctly.

On a related note, we have heard some reports of some Griffin cables having plugs that do not connect completely inside the jack, like they are slightly the wrong size or something. Don't know if that might apply here or not.

I hope this helps. Let us know what you learn!

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I am having the same problem. I have tried two different cables and cannot get the app to pick anything up. Even in the voice messenger app I'm not getting anything. If I wiggle to cable around or anything there isn't so much as a pop of feedback or anything.

My guitar definately works fine so I'm really confused.

Any other suggestions?

Many thanks

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If you aren't getting anything in voice app, then it's not an app/iOS issue. You can confirm this by verifying iShred LIVE works with an iPhone headset w/mic.

Basically the iPhone/iPod/iPad hardware detects if there is a microphone attached to the device using some resistance checks across ground and the outer contact (mic) of the four pin connector. If for some reason the cable & guitar combo doesn't provide that, then the iOS device won't detect it as a "mic" and won't deliver audio to any apps.

What guitar are you using? Is it an electro-acoustic by any chance?

Also, which cable(s): Griffin's Guitar Connect and if so is it the newer version?

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I'm having the same issue, I have 5 guitars that work great with amp but then no input is found with guitar and headphones plugged in.

I've tried the apple earbubds and mic, but now dice.  They work fine for phone calls and music.

About to return the Griffen Cable to the store and get my $ back.

I have an iPhone 3GS latest software and iShred live version 2.2.0



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Hey phillidw,
Ya, based on what you're seeing, I think I would do the same.