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Hi guys. I've had the iShred Live app on my phone (iPhone 3GS IOS 4.3.5) for about a week now while I wait for my cable to arrive. It ran fine and didn't crash.

I got my cable this morning and used it, it worked (although there seems to be a sensitivity issue that I'll post about in another thread) and got about 5 or 10 minutes of working use out of it.

Then I went into the App Store and found that there is an upgrade for the iShred Live released today, I upgraded it and now it crashes on load. I see the splash screen for about 3 or 4 seconds and it just disappears. This happens with or without the cable plugged in.

iPhone is working fine in all other regards. Can the dev team please look into compatability issues with 3GS phones and/or IOS < 5?

Things I've tried:
Switching the iPhone off for a while.
Deleting the app and redownloading it.

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Re: Crashing app

Oh, man, you are right. I have no idea how that slipped through ... although we had to submit that version to Apple three times before it got approved (for other reasons).

We'll get this fixed, tested, and a new version in the store as soon as possible.

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That's great Fargo, thanks very much for the reply :)

It's just my luck, after finding out about it, downloading it, finding a source for the cable, ordering it, waiting for it then finally receiving it, only to lose out on playing about with this by a mere ten minutes :D

Anyway, I look forward to the next update :)

I only hope I don't miss out on the buy-all-the-effects offer before they increase the price in January.

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Well, that's the other bit of bad news. We ended up having to remove the PowerPack option in order to get Apple to approve the update (which in turn ended up being related to the crashing bug. Not the best of weeks/updates for our app.).

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Ouch, that sucks :) for you, and for me.

Is there a rough ETA for the next release candidate submission? (Although I get the feeling that questions are the cause of bad news... ;))

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We fixed the bug, have been testing it, a few sanity checks and then a submit to the store. Hopefully they aren't inundated by apps trying to squeeze in before the app store dev interface closes down on the 22nd.

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Today is my sons 12th birthday. I offered him the Griffin GuitarConnect Cable, but your iShred Live app keeps crashing after 3-5 seconds. Only the opening logo appears then the app 'closes' down.

I hope your bug fix release will soon be up in the store, to make an extra happy kid.



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I hope it gets updated very quickly too and we're really sorry about this. It seems to work on devices running iOS 5, if upgrading the OS is an option for you.

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Hey everyone, the update is now live and ready for download. Very sorry about the hassle and wait.

Happy holidays and keep on shredding!

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That's great news fargo :) thanks very much for the prompt attention.

Have a great Christmas and a happy new year.