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I have ios iPad 3.2.1 and the app says it needs 3.2 to function. I just tried uploading the app and it crashes after 3 seconds on the home screen. I see that there was a new version that should have fixed this. Didn't work for me! Thoughts? Or should I return the cord I bought for my husband for Christmas?

Re: Crashes!

I'd suggest deleting the app and then re-downloading from the app store, just to make sure you get the newest version. There was a bug with version 2.3.0, which we fixed in 2.3.1.

That's not to say you haven't found a new bug with your particular setup, but we haven't heard any other reports or found problems in our internal testing.

Is there a reason you haven't updated to iOS 4.x or even 5? iOS 3.2 is pretty old and there's been a lot of great bug fixes and features added since then.

If you'd like to send us a crash log we could dig into this further. Just email it to us at

Here's how to find the crash logs: … ta-and-xp/

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I've deleted and reinstalled a few times. Same issue. Unfornuately we cannot update our ios as our computer is being repaired. Since I can't get into the computer I can't send the crash log. Bummer! I see there is the app for 4.99 but I am nervous about wasting $5 if it crashes as well. Very frustrating.

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If you are interested we could send a test version with some built in diagnostics (it would collect the crash log).  If so, email us: support at

Re: Crashes!

BTW, I replied to your support email. If you don't see it check the spam folder.