Topic: I got a 'once in a lifetime' critique & lesson ...

I'll try and keep it short. My friend went home for the holidays. He's from Ireland and is last name is Mullen. He has personal photos of himself with family and friends from back home and yes he's part of that same family that produced a drummer for that (rather popular) Irish band.
As a late Christmas gift, I received a telephone call from overseas and my friend put a guy on the phone and it was THE GUITARIST FROM THAT BAND! No joking. Dead serious. He asked me to hold my iPhone so he could hear my recording of "One". He said 'pretty fancy phone ya got there, now I hear you aren't happy with the chords'. I said, 'it just sounds different on you know, the CD.' He had me read them to him and said, 'your chords are correct, if you think yer phone can match the studio ... U got a long wait.' So, instead of changing what's right, change your OTHER hand and it's wandering ways'. He said, take care' my friend got on the phone laughing like a nut because for once- I was speechless. Anyway, I re-recorded One on Acoustic after removing the 'wandering hand' copy, but cannot share my song now. After all that. Help me out? The old copy had 1900 listeners. And many saves. Any ideas?  Best, Jim 'Quickpick' Allan

Re: I got a 'once in a lifetime' critique & lesson ...

Wow, great story!

So, the problem you are having is that the song isn't being shared on AirPlay? This is using GuitarStudio and you are signed in (i.e. go to Playlist, hit the network button bottom, second from right)?

Are you running the newest version and are you seeing the Share button in the record panel (we moved it recently). Just trying to figure out what part of the process isn't working for you, any other details would be great.