Topic: Bass Guitar and Music Player Suggestion ls and Feedback

I use iShred LIVE with an iPod Touch and bass guitar, and I want to start by saying that I recieved the cable as a Christmas present and I really love your app! I haven't had a working amp for a long time. I haven't had the money to fix my gear or buy new equipment, so your app really saved me.

I play in drop D a lot and I found that the tuner does not pick up on the low D on the E string. If the tuner could be changed to pick up this frequency, it would make tuning easier.

I was playing around with the effects and besides some feedback issues when combining some of the high gain effects, I really like them. I do, however wish that the Octivinator could take notes played by a bass and translate them to a lead guitar sound. Are there any plans to develop additional effects specifically for Bass guitars?

I have had some issues with volume levels. When playing normally, I can hear my bass ok, and i am using the guitar volume control on the amp simulator, but I wish it could be a little louder. Is there any way this could be accomplished?

Also, when playing over the music player, it is hard to hear my bass. A

Re: Bass Guitar and Music Player Suggestion ls and Feedback

A "mixer" or "pre-amp" feature that would allow me to independatly control the volume of the music playback, the live guitar volume, and maybe the volume of mixed effects applied to the live guitar would be awesome.

Also is there any way to play over the iPod's built in speakers? If not, it would be great if there was a way to do that,

If any of these suggestions could be included in future updates, that would be great!