Topic: Awesome!

Hey this app is wonderful!
Do you wanna make it really really
really wonderful?
Here Are some suggestions:

A"Yeeeeeeahhhhh " came from the crowd! Can you
imagine that!! With those funky chord
progressions so easy to lay out with
piano studio. This One would be a super
new feature not so hard To implement too.

2) MIdi Import
Editing Music on a phone is hard anyway.
Even with the most clever interface.
Midi import of short musical phrases would
be a gigantic time saver

3) a serious way to manage my songs.
I have maaaany of them:)
folders for songs... Or maybe
A browser with songs informations like key and tempo..

Ok thats it. Hope To see some of these ne feats
soon .... Number 1 on top!!


Re: Awesome!

Hey Solomon, thanks for the great suggestions! I'll pass them on to the dev team.