Topic: Why AirPlay just supports listening 30 seconds?

I wanna to listening entire playing when some guys play music well. Instead after 30 seconds the plane fly random.

I know you have put up a AirPlay Top 25 chart so you can track how well your shared songs are doing against all of the others. Can we view these playing video via computer. So I can play my iphone while watching the computer play. Then I can learn these musics playing quickly.

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Re: Why AirPlay just supports listening 30 seconds?

If you press the "+" button you can download the song and play the whole thing, including speeding up and slowing it down should you wish to try learning it.

No movie playback planned at this time. If you have access to a camcorder (or web cam on your computer) you could download the songs into your app, video them being played back, and then play along while you watch them.