Topic: Creative suggestion.

Love the app.
If you can iplement the following simple feature? You will make it 3 times bigger then it is. 
Not many people even thought about how simple 3-4 note melody could be converted into masterpeace by having right sequence of cords played along with that simple melody line of yours But difficulty is That not many people are able to pick correct sequence of chords Without hearing how the selected chord would complement your melody.
What if you could make it possible to be able to record melody line in one pattern, loop play it select new puttern go to chord selection and start experimenting with different chords that would creatively compliments your melody line that is looplaying as you hit different cords in chord selector. Very simple idea is that you have to make chords sound as you hit them before commiting them to new puttern. Well that would make PianoStudio so much more interesting.
I really hope this gets implemented.

Re: Creative suggestion.

So, to summarize, it sounds like you'd like the ability to loop playback and be able to use the chord selector at the same time?

Thanks for the suggestion Bako, I'll put it on the future feature request list.