Topic: Double-Stops/Staccato

Similar to palm-muting suggestion: Possibly put something in the settings section or effects where you could adjust the amount of sustain on notes played. Pairing it up with only 1 box at a time would be great. Ex. playing the Pink Floyd Money part.

Double-Stops: Program it so you could go into settings and set it to do automatic double-stops, as a lot of songs use these (chuck berry, ac/dc, jett, etc.). Example: you could assign it by string to automatically sound the same fret the next string to the right, or 1 fret up depending on what strg's you're playing it on. Thus, you could assign a box to fretboard, and for example, you could play the 5th and 7th frets on the 3rd string and the 5th and 7th frets would also sound for the 2nd string.