Topic: Different sounds/guitars

This is a great program!  I wish I could change the sound to electric guitar or 12string. Maybe if it had the option to sound like various keyboard instruments too (like a midi guitar). 

Keep up the great work!

Re: Different sounds/guitars


additional guitar sample sounds maybe as an in app purchase would be great!

for an electric guitar sound try ishred.

regards defrian

Re: Different sounds/guitars

Yes, for electric we'd suggest checking out iShred. It's chock full of great effects "pedals" as well.

For 12 string, well, simply select the bottom right menu, choose sounds from the popup and you can choose twelve strings. You can also choose how you prefer the strings to sound: picked or with finger.

Re: Different sounds/guitars

Okay on the 12 stg, but maybe some diff types of guitar models for diff sounds. Also, could make the blank fretboard and/or the xxx's when using the mute button lock sound louder for when you want to doa chucking rhythm. Same for on iShred.

Great app, though.

Peace :)