Topic: Volume problem with ipod

When I try to play a song in iShred together with ipod I can't even hear iShred. Its like the built in ipod has a higher volume than iShred. Is it a way to make iShred sounds higher than the ipod song?

Im using iShred v1.85 on an iphone 3Gs.

Thanks in advance for your answer/help.

Re: Volume problem with ipod

Sadly this is a big problem with the iPhone/iPod touch architecture, and something that we have communicated with Apple about without success. The "problem" is that most music these days is super-compressed and blaringly "loud." When iShred (or Guitar) is played, we don't compress the heck out of it, so it has a hard time competing wiht the music player.

We would like to be able to turn down the music player's volume, but Apple provides no way of doing that short of turning down the "global" volume control, which affects iShred as well.

We might provide a "super-compress iShred" option in the future ... seems like the only way of dealing with it would be fighting fire with fire.

Re: Volume problem with ipod

I was just wondering about the volume issue myself.  I just downloaded iShred Live and noticed this same thing.   I suppose this compression issue with Apple has caused a log jam on folks wanting a Jam along, and developers like Frontier.     Must be some politics around this one.     While i'm a bass player, I still have flash backs to the Tom Schultz Rock Man.   Would be great to be able to jam along to favorite tunes while being mobile (around the house, hotel, at the beach)