Topic: Please fix minor tempo setting issue

A minor issue setting tempos is causing me major headaches and time wasting.

iShred and FourTrack together are becoming my "flesh songs out on the go" solution. and it is a serious boost to my productivity as a songwriter. AWESOME.

However... you really need to add a +1 -1 tempo button (could be < and > arrows too) to step just one unit at a time.  I find the tempo slider way too hard to use-- it is wayyy too fine in granularity.  I let go of it and it is often a few steps off from the tempo I wanted to set it at.

Perhaps you could change the tempo area to a spinner type function instead of a slider, like in fourtrack.. or add mentioned buttons. 

I spent about 2 minutes on the subway, when trying out different song tempos to evaluate feel by pasting into fourtrack and making different quick versions of a song hook, just trying to get the tempo slider to land on the desired number--- and my dexterity is pretty good!

Anyhow, thanks for the app.

Would also love to see a bass guitar app.  Why? Because that would make on the go demos even more awesome!  And it would encourage more fans of yours to play bass too ;)