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I purchased Guitar 1.41 some time ago.  I recently upgraded my iPod Touch to OS version 4, and GUitar no longer works.  I get the splash screen, then nothing.

I see that later versions are "tested with OS v. 4".  How do I get the latest version without purchasing it again?


Re: How to upgrade to latest version

You go into iTunes. select "Apps" on left bar, then hit the "Check for Updates" button on the bottom right corner of the window. It should come back with the latest update for Guitar and any other apps, which you can then individually update or update all at once.

Alternately if you go into the App Store on your iPod it should show you all of the apps that have newer versions and let you selectively update them or do all at once.

Re: How to upgrade to latest version

I did that.  It says I have 6 updates.  But when I click on that, it says there are no updates for my user account.

It's possible I purchased Guitar under a different account (I moved from Canada, and had to set up a new account in the U.S.).

Is there any way I can get the update to the latest version?  It doesn't seem right that I should have to purchase it again.


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Re: How to upgrade to latest version

You'd have to contact Apple, we don't have any control over how apps are charged or user accounts are managed in the store.