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Another great app!  Thanks so much :-))

I'm not a Piano player at all, but right off the bat I really wanted just one thing ..... automatic arpeggio playback from the chord buttons.

I love the way I can swipe an arpeggio in the chord editor, how about that in the button view? Maybe have a few long thin buttons stacked for arpeggio swiping?

Or maybe tilt the iPod/Phone horizontally to make a held chord button play it's notes arpeggio style up or down depending on the tilt direction? (level  = a normal chord).

To be honest I'd like the sound to be a 'little' more real (sounds a bit 'electronic' to me) even at the cost of memory space for the samples.

Still, it's whole bunch of fun!



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Hi Lee,

Thanks for the nice comments and suggestions. I've passed them along.


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More suggestions:

- a beat (not just when recording)

- options for the beat to be a drum track not just a tick

- I want to hit a button and let it play rather then have to HOLD my finger on the button all the time.  For phrases this would just trigger them.  Pressing it again in some way could potentially stop the phrase.


Re: Suggestions...

well that was a great job.

I just want to include a flute and saxophone into the apllication.

I love playing those instrument and maybe some people so

it would be better to add that.

thanks guys I'm looking forward to it.