Topic: implement a few Chordica features please

Technologically and your app is most superior.. but there is a simple app (free at the moment) called Chordica that is more practical for general playing (i.e. treat iPhone like a general instrument-- ready to play most any song, out of the box with no editing) in that--

Layout is similar... however, It is fixed. But set up to play most songs, with 12 bass buttons on left side and 12 harmony buttons on the right.

e.g. … _00055.png

Key can be changed on the fly by holding the M button at top left and choosing a new key with right hand, immediately returning to the button bank screen with all the buttons transposed accordingly.

There is a very rudimentary drum machine.. but one that at least lets you have a true one-man band--- drums, bass and harmony.

Please check out chordica---  maybe you could even tip your hat to this app and create a default layout like it.

But the need to be able to transpose on the fly all the buttons is essential no?  (Bass notes that would be too low when transposing lower would have to automatically become an octave higher, etc..  but besides this need for a warning dialogue box, it would work).

Update: the piano sound in Chordica is far superior-- having far more life and presence. Not sure why. try it out. Each sample could be a stereo recording which may be helping.

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