Topic: Midi Out / Chord sequencer request...


Was playing around with both guitar and iShred and got to thinking that these two things would make this thing imminently more awesome than they already are.

1) Would it be possible to incorporate some way of sending out midi control messages (either through the hardware midi interface that i think is being put out by Line6 or via WiFi) using these interfaces - would add a whole new level of flexibility and integration to someone working with a DAW.

2) Was also wondering if there could ever be some sort of Chord sequencer where one could set up an automatic progression of chords on something like a timeline or tempo synched grid that could either be linear or looped and that way one could simply focus on the "string" portion of the interface for strumming / fingerpicking. Was messing around with Canon in D and got to thinking how cool it would be to be able to set the chords looping and then just improvise the heck out of eaith loop.

The more I think about it... I'd be willing to even pay for upgrade such as these but would bow down in humble gratitude if they could be found a way to implemented.

Thanks to the developers for working so hard on putting out something that is honestly quite amazing.