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I really love the app!

All I'm really missing is a way to get a nice  hand muted string sound to produce that 'chugging' sound I like!

I know it might need more samples... but hey it would add a lot of expressive possibilities.

May I suggest the hand mute be triggerred by a tilt of the iPod? (letting already playing strings ring out of course).

Hope it's possible!



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Hi Lee,

Interesting approach, I'll pass it along to the devs.  Thanks again for all of the great feedback and glad you are loving the app(s)!


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Palm muting would be awesome, and is definitely a must for certain styles of playing.. 

but I think control could be made even more simple by making strumming nearer the bridge palm-muted and near the neck, kind of like the strum volume works now

This could just be another toggle, like the chord lock button.

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Nice ideas, guys. Thanks.

I will admit that we had one aborted attempt at providing palm-muted sounds. A big challenge was capturing a set of sounds that would work well in many situations. There are a huge spectrum of sounds you can get with palm mutes ... different durations and amounts of tone. Still, these ideas may help us attack it again.

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A chord button have a preference that can be use in two way :
On/off or switch ...
It can do more : imagine a cross on chord button.
directions on this cross can be use :
- Left/right to bend.
- up/down for pression and ... for mutted string !
In this case we don't have first to introduce new sound samples. It can be effective immediately as a new 3rd preference.

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I second buzzToronto's idea about being able to switch the function of strumming position from volume to degree-of-muting. That would be fantastic, and the only major thing keeping me from using iShred instead of a real guitar on a real song.

One other nicety would be a setting for doing whammy-bar dips by tilting the phone, like you can currently control the wah.

Very, very awesome app.

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Thanks for the feedback. We do read and think on them all, even if we don't/can't act on them all. Very helpful, though.