Topic: upgrade 1.94 frets issue

Hi, i've just upgraded iShred on my IP4 4.1 and frets are not working correctly: the background now it's always chords-like and fret 0 is bugged.
Here's a shot:
Help :(

ps. excuse my bad English

Re: upgrade 1.94 frets issue

I am so sorry. A last minute "tweak" totally messed this up. We will be submitting an update to Apple today.

Re: upgrade 1.94 frets issue

Nope. This App is awesome :D


Re: upgrade 1.94 frets issue

p.s. if you need a quick "fix" for the problem you can change Fret buttons to be Chromatic Scale buttons. For example, if you have a Fret 10 simply choose a C10 on the Chromatic scale. It's the same as Fret 10, with the addition of some extra "label" icons (based on the other dial settings).