Topic: "Save as Audio Track" not working ??


Using the recorder, I record a song.
The song can be played again with the play button of the recorder, no problem.
Then I go to Setup -> Save as Audio Track. Save the song.
Then, I go back to the main screen.Exit the "Recorder". Select "Player">"Setup">"Local", select the song I just saved....try to play it...and it is blank !
Am I missing something ??


Re: "Save as Audio Track" not working ??

Hi Clement,

Sorry, that's a bug that snuck into the latest version. We have fixed it but are waiting for our last update to be approved by Apple before we submit this new update.

The one work around, although a bit involved, is to "Share" the song. This puts it on our servers as an MP3 which you can then reimport.

I apologize for the inconvenience. Hopefully the fix makes it through Apple's review in the next week or so.


Re: "Save as Audio Track" not working ??

Quick follow-up that iShred 1.96 has been approved and should be in your App Update "box" the next time you check. This fixes the rendering bugs and we also improved overall stability a bit more as well.