Topic: Replays not working

After one of the recent updates, both ishred and guitar no longer play back any tracks downloaded through airplay. When I press the play button it lights for a moment and nothing happens. Everything else seems to work fine.

It's a pity as it's a great way to learn songs.

Ipod touch Os4.02 already done a reset.

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Re: Replays not working

I haven't had a chance to try on an iPod or 4.0 yet (but we do test on them) but it's working on an iPhone 4 running iOS 4.2.

Let's try to narrow down what's going on so we can replicate it here.

Are other songs from your playlist playing back properly? How many songs are in your playlist?

Also, if you turn on animation (Settings) do you see any button/string animations after you hit play?  Do all of the other features (strings, effects, etc..) otherwise work?

Re: Replays not working

23 songs in the playlist and none are working.

After I hit play literally nothing happens. The play button dims for a moment, the progress  bar doesn't move, the animations don't run.
I can still listen to airplay performances online, but when I download a new one it also won't replay in the guitar view.

Hmm, just checked and saw something that makes me wonder if it's me forgetting how ishred works. I was going into play rather than record to playback. In record mode, playback works as long as the song has a record icon next to it.

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Re: Replays not working

Yeah, I wondered if calling that Player would be confusing. Sorry about that. It's actually the music player for playing along with iPod or backing tracks. Right now the "Recorder" is actually for both recording and playing back your recording (or those you download from AirPlay). Glad that you solved it!

Re: Replays not working

Thank's for that (and sorry for raising a concern). So it plays an mp3 as a backing track instead.
BTW: ishred and guitar are great apps. I only wish for more 'recordings'  to learn from, the ability to edit tracks (like a sequencer), more instrument apps, and another app to combine and edit multiple tracks from them.

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Re: Replays not working

The Music Player can play songs from your iPod or any you've recorded and rendered and even songs you upload via browser (in various formats). It's great for learning a part of a song since you can set up in and out points and have it loop over and over.

AirPlay now has over 3,000 songs and believe it or not the majority AREN'T Stairway to Heaven! ":^)

Thanks for the compliment and feature/product ideas.