Topic: How can I export my audio tracks to PC?

Hello, and sorry if this question has already been answered. Is there a way to directly export my recorded tracks to PC with Windows 7 via iTunes or a third party file manager? I don't have constant access to WiFi at my house, so it would be a bit hard to share the tracks via AirPlay.

But if there is no such way, I'd be grateful if you could post a step by step tutorial on how to get my tracks in MP3 or WAV format on my PC using AirPlay/WiFi/whatever possible.

Thanks in advance, and cheers.
- Theo.

Re: How can I export my audio tracks to PC?

Hi Theo,

Well, the quickest way would be to open the Playlist screen and tap the "Render" button in the upper left. That will start a web server on your iPhone/iPod that your PC can hook too and selectively download the songs, rendered as a WAV or the MIDI data. Similarly if you've saved a recording as an Audio Track (Recording Setup screen) you can then go to the Audio Tracks page and transfer the file there by pressing the WiFi button.

But both of those require WiFi.

The "Share Song" option in the Recording Setup screen sends the song to our servers as an MP3 and will work with WiFi or cell network.

We are planning on adding iTunes File Sharing in a future version.


Re: How can I export my audio tracks to PC?

Thank you very much, Jerry. I feared that you needed a lot of stuff like a Mac with Garageband to record tracks with iShred but it turned out to be easier.

Unfortunately, I don't have access to WiFi right now, so I guess I'll have to wait for the future release for the iTunes compatibility.

But still thanks again, Jerry, and keep up the good work. iShred is magnificent.