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Ishred is one of my favorite apps on my ipod touch. It was the first app that I bought and one of the main reasons for for me to buy ipod touch instead of psp or nintendo ds. It is a great app and works just fine. But there is always room for more improvements.
My suggestions for the future updates are :
1. String damping:
You can assign a separate section of the strings to produce string damped effect. I know ishred and guitarstudio have the option to block strings "creating a chuck effect", but string damping is a different thing. Another option will be to add a button on the chord edit screen which selects normal chords or damped chords.
2. More effects:
I think its time ishred also gets the effects from ishred live. I have heard the effect from ishred live and screamer, autowah and phaser are on the top of my wishlist (followed closely by porsche 911). And while you can not help me buy my dream car, you can at least give me my dream effects. If they are free, hurray I always love the free stuff. But even if you have to charge them as in app purchase, go ahead. I am just sick and tired of signing in itunes and checking for ishred update after every two or three hours.

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Thanks for the thoughtful input! And glad you are enjoying iShred.

1. Question: string damping = palm muting?
Palm muting is something we have explored a few times. It is actually a tough beast. As you are well aware, iShred is *not* a real guitar (shocker!), and the amount of control and expression on a real guitar is amazing. For example, there are *so many* variations of palm muting that it is difficult to capture and have it work as desired on different songs. I'm not saying we won't go there ... but we're still listening to requests on this, and not satisfied with our options yet.

2. Ya. More effects ... like those in iShred LIVE. Understood, and agreed. It's "on the list." Meanwhile, good luck on that 911.  :-)

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I would like to second the suggestion  to mute individual strings. Here's how it might work:

At the bottom (top?) of the fretboard, where the menu is now, you could use that  narrow strip of real estate for string muting.  You could allow  user be able to select "mute mode" or "performance mode" to have the menu disappear.  Along this strip would be six  dots, whose brightness represented the current volume of the string. Touching one of these dots would mute the string. So if you hit a wrong string, you could mute it if you wanted to without muting all the other strings.  This feature could be used in all modes, normal chord mode, scale mode, chromatic, or normal fret mode. 

To get the menu back, you might do something like double or triple-tap one of the mute dots.

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I recently downloaded the recorder app and now I don't have the play music feature! What's up???

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Hi Kylix,

Which recorder app are you talking about?

And, to help me understand, you are saying in iShred that opening the "Player" (right menu) and setting it up doesn't work anymore? What, exactly doesn't work? Can you set everything up and then there's no sound, or something else? One last question: is this true for both iPod and Local songs?

It's always possible that if you are running some other audio app, especially one that records, that it might be recording in the background and keeping other other audio functions from working. You could force quit the app, or to really "clean" things up, do a power cycle on the device (hold power button down until you see a power off slider, activate that).

Let us know how it goes and we'll try to get you running again.


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I was using the ISHRED LIVE and downloaded ($1.99) the recorder app.  I am able to record - great- but now, if I want to use the PLAY MUSIC from the IPOD or Local within the ISHRED APP, it closes the ISHRED app and brings me back to my home screen (where all of the apps are displayed).    I shut down everything turned off the Iphone and tried it again - same thing.  WTF- I like the app but this is no good like this.  If I have to delete the ISHRED app, and reload it, I guess I'll loose the Recorder function but I like the idea of recording my own loops or playing along with regular music but What can I do to get past this dilema?

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That sounds pretty funky. Shouldn't have any issue like that, so let's try to troubleshoot it.

I guess first question is what iOS version are you running and is there anything else different, like being jailbroken? When does it crash the app: when you click the player, or after you pick a song and hit play?

If you delete the app and re-install you won't have to buy the recorder again. Apple keeps track of what in-app purchases you've made and doesn't charge you again (as long it's the same iTunes account).