Topic: dodgy cable?

Hi.  I've just got my guitarconnect cable and have just downloaded iShred Live onto my iphone 3G (with OS 4.2.1).  When I plug it all together the 'No External Audio Input' message goes away but there is no signal from the guitar - no green signal lights coming on.  When I choose to play a tune through itunes it plays fine through the headphones, so I get output but no guitar noise. 

Do I have a dodgy lead or is there something else I should be trying?  I have done a soft reset but no change.


Re: dodgy cable?

The only other things, besides a dodgy cable, that comes to mind is just to make sure you've checked the volume knob on the guitar.Assuming that it is turned up, then I can't think of what else it might be.

Re: dodgy cable?

One other thing you should check: if your guitar has active electronics, make sure its 9 volt battery is still strong.