Topic: Wave looping broken in 1.97 Guitar and iShred

I think I have seen a problem in both 1.97 iShred and Guitar.  Loop playback is out of sync with wav files on iPhone 2g iOS 3.1.3. Mp3 looping works great. It's just the wav looping that doesn't work. This is true for files recorded and pasted from thumbjam, wav files imported from PC and pasted into iShred, as well as wav files rendered by iShred itself. To recreate this, go into iShred or Guitar 1.97, record , say, ten seconds of guitar strumming, save as audio track, then go to player, and choose this recorded file as backing track. Set the loop points to somewhere in the middle, with the loop on, and play it back. On my iPhone, the looping is not consistent. It jumps around, with the locator sometimes disappearing  off the left of the screen. It just does not work right. As I said, mp3 looping works just as it's supposed to.

Is anyone else seeing this problem or is it particular to my phone and OS version?

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