Topic: count-in / audiocopy

hey there,
first off: a very nice app. I'm really enjoying it.
especially the (potential) audiocopy option to paste into other apps like fourtrack.

but I've got a few questions:
a) is there a count-in option for recording?
b) is there an option to set or edit the lenght of my recording? (pre- or post recording)

I'm asking because with both options missing the audio export option is pretty much useless is it? Pressing "record" and hitting bar one is rather impossible. And if you can't define the lenght of your recording you can't audiocopy it and loop it in other apps.

Am I missing something or is this really something that is missing from PianoStudio?

Re: count-in / audiocopy

Hi Emkay, sorry for the delayed response (not sure how I missed your post).

Sorry, but you are right. No count-in or length set right now. I'll put them on the to-do list for the app. We'll certainly be able to add the count-in relatively easily, how important is the ability to set length?