Topic: iSHRED Live not reading input from guitar

So, connected the Griffin cable to Fender squire, downloaded and started iSHRED Live and ...nothing, absolutely not able to read input signal.  Metronome and Music works fine but not recieving any signal from the guitar... OS 4.02 latest on a Iphone4. delted and reinstalled... nothin.  Shut down and restart ... nothin.

Seems a software problem - no signal is being rec'd

Well, hope you have a solution or the cable goes back to store...


Re: iSHRED Live not reading input from guitar

Easiest way to check if it's a software problem is to fire up the iPhone's recorder app and see if you get any guitar sound there.

Generally what we find is one of the following:
- a bit of lint has worked its way into the headphone jack
- guitar volume is down too far or it has powered preamp with low battery
- bad cable

Another way to check this out is to fire up iShred LIVE with your iPhone's headset mic plugged in. Do you get sound? The detection of audio input is actually done by the operating system, so if it's not recognizing the guitar cable but recognizes the headset mic then there's some issue with the cable. If that's the case I suggest contacting the good folks at Griffin support, they are very helpful: … ar-connect

If it looks like some other issue please let me know and we'll try to work it out.