Topic: Export Beatstudio song into Pianostudio?

Okay, so I have Beatstudio, Pianostudio, and iShred. I'm trying to audiocopy from Beatstudio and audiopaste into Pianostudio. I can't seem to figure out how to audiopaste in Pianostudio.

Also, I've managed to audiopaste the song into iShred, but I just get the Drums. I can't seem to get the backing track to copy over with the song.

I haven't created any of my own songs yet, FYI. The song I'm trying to copy 'n' paste is a song that's built into to Beatstudio, called Pianostudio Blues.

Is what I'm asking possible?

Re: Export Beatstudio song into Pianostudio?

You aren't doing anything wrong. Right now PianoStudio doesn't have a backing track feature, so there's no place to paste into the app (you can copy songs FROM it into others).

Also, at present, a backing track in BeatStudio isn't able to be merged with the BeatStudio song and copied into another app.

We can certainly add them to the list of possible future features.