Topic: Low guitar volume and no recording faciity

HI, I'm a bit disappointed in the iShred live product. Put this on my iPod touch (12 months old and after downloading OS4.2, and totally mucking up the iPod as a result - all music had to be reloaded, wifi and bluetooth connections had to be restored, what a frustration) I have bought the Griffin Connect cable, got the iShred live app but find that:

a) the guitar volume is way too low (even though I have turned the "amp" to maximum) . There seems no facility to reduce the music volume and I can hardly hear the guitar above the recorded track.

b) there is no recorder facility (and I can't see that I can get this on the iPod Touch)

I feel I have wastred my money - £15 for the cable, cost of the app and a lot of time wasted.

I think you should make it very plain to purchasers that iPOd Touch is not the best thing to load this on to - it may work on iPhone or iPad but is poor on the Touch.

Any advice anyone?

Re: Low guitar volume and no recording faciity

Hi Cushty,

So sorry to hear that you're a bit frustrated. A 12-month old iPod touch (3rd or 4th generation?) should be able to run well with iShred LVIE.

a) As far as guitar volume, have you maxed out the "GUITAR VOLUME" knob at the top of the AMP already? Yes, Apple gives us no way to reduce the volume of the backing track, so this knob is the only tool we have there.

b) Hmm ... do you know exactly which generation iPod touch this is? Can you tell me what is listed in the Settings App under General / About / Model? I would like to look into this further.