Topic: Purchases from iPhone to iPad

I've a couple of topics I wonder if you can help...
I bought a couple of pedals through my iPhone recently but I've now got an iPad. Do I need to purchase the pedals for the iPad IShred I have?
Also, when I try and buy the two pedals through my Pad I get an error saying that I need to get iShred first, which I have (in my Pad).
Is this maybe an issue for the Apps Store to resolve?
Any help would be greatly received.

Re: Purchases from iPhone to iPad

As long as you use the same iTunes account that you used to purchase the pedals on your iPhone, you can re-download them on any other device. It will prompt you as if you were going to purchase and then let you download.

Not sure what that error could be or mean. Perhaps you could take a screenshot (power & home button) and send it to our support @ email address?

Re: Purchases from iPhone to iPad

Thanks for the reply, much appreciated and issue resolved.
The problem was that I had used different accounts for my iPhone and pad.
Cheers again,