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Hi all,

Today I got my griffin cable, plugged it into iShred Live and put the app through its paces (oh, and I went ahead an just bought ALL the effects).

The good:
- Love the Adrenalin, the perfect tool for fine tuning the guitar sound and finding a sweet spot in the mix (when jamming with your onboard music)

- Love the Griffin cable: feels like a solid design, and has a convenient headphone jack.

- UI is awesome

- Sound is really great

- Great App!

Feature Requests:
- Need a master guitar input controller. I tried 3 guitars and all of them max out the input at full volume—and lowering my guitar volume knob didn't cut it—that just attenuated my signal and gave my guitar an overall weak tone (even @ 9). it's weird, lowering the guitar volume knob even a little bit sucked the life out of the guitar sound, and still put me into the yellow zone on the input meter.

- Reverb.  I'm sure this is on the list, but we need a little verb.

- Guitar vs. Music mix.  I'd like to control the mix between my guitar and the songs playing back.  It seems there is only one master slider that lowers everything.

- I'd love it if when returning to your list of song, the app could remember where you last were in the listings.  Right now it always defaults back to the Song list at the top (A).  This is frustrating, because I'm mostly in the Artist mode (and down in the Rs -- jamming with Radiohead songs :). The way things are now, I always have to navigate back to where I was in the list.  I realize this ability may not be in the SDK…

- The app is always asking for my password when I start it up?  Is that because it's re-authenticating my effect purchases?  That's annoying.

- Pitch. My guitar is in tune with most of the songs on my iPhone, but then there's always that song that's just a little off (sometime by a 1/2 or whole step).  Some pitch controls would be cool, either pitching up / down the music, or the guitar (I know that might be a tall order).

- Disable iPhone sleep.  So there I am playing and BANG, the sound of my guitar cuts out because my iPhone screen when black (which I have set to do after a few minutes). Sure I can change this preference, but then I have to do so globally, and I like it the way it is for all my apps except for iShred—where I just want to disable it all together.

- A few more distortion parameters. Between the Adrenalin and the Hot Fuzz you can get some cool distortion sound, but I'd like a few more parameters to play with to fine tune the sound. I'm not sure what these would even be, but something that could give me a fatter sound, a thinner sound, a total crunch sound, or a warm sound -- you know what I mean :)

All-in-all this is a great app and a great start.

Great work guys!


Re: Initial feedback and feature requests

Hi Greg,

Great to hear from you again and thanks for the excellent list of feedback! Some of it we're already working on for the next update. We'll review the rest of the suggestions/bugs as well.

Quick question: what device and OS are you running?


Re: Initial feedback and feature requests

Hi Jerry,

iOS4 on iPhone 4

Re: Initial feedback and feature requests


We just submitted a quick fix for the "asking password" bug, hope that will go through Apple's approval process quickly. Some of the other changes will be in a later version.


Re: Initial feedback and feature requests

Awesome - thanks!

Re: Initial feedback and feature requests

The iShred LIVE 1.0.1 update has made it through apple approval and should show up in your iTunes/AppStore updates.

Re: Initial feedback and feature requests

Cool.  Loving the App

Re: Initial feedback and feature requests


I have also commented on the volume (guitar input level) on another thread - there needs to be a level adjust (trim/boost).

Response from Fargo indicates that controls are under consideration.

I deleted my "folder" request - User error.

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Re: Initial feedback and feature requests

Hi Greg,

We're finishing up some work on the music player (among other things). Now, not only will you be able to choose from the iPod library, but also import audio via AudioCopy/AudioPaste (i.e. iShred, Guitar, PianoStudio, 4Track, Beatmaker, etc..) and via a built in web server.

Also, your song setup is now remembered between app runs, including any looping points you've set up.


Re: Initial feedback and feature requests


Re: Initial feedback and feature requests

I agree, reverb and more distortion models are much needed. I think a new amp simulator with reverb and EQ is in oder.  I can only use 4 pedals at a time so I want reverb and EQ the simulator not new pedals.