Topic: iTunes Import/Export

Where would I find instructions to use the iTunes Import/Export feature mentioned on the website on the BeatStudio page?

"Sharing with others
BeatStudio features full support for AudioCopy/AudioPaste making it simple to import or export with iShred, GuitarStudio, PianoStudio and other compatible apps. Backup and share your songs via the built in network backup. You can also import/export songs using the iTunes File Library feature."

Thanks for your help.  I'm trying to export a drum sequence into another app that supports import from iTunes.

Re: iTunes Import/Export

There's a few things you can "share" and by default when we say songs, we're mostly talking about the recorded elements, i.e. if you made a song "DrumSolo" you'd find a DrumSolo.plist in BeatStudio's file sharing folder in iTunes. This is the file the app backs up over the network and keeps a copy in the iTunes folder for manual copying.

Now, if you want to grab the rendered audio of the song, it's a little bit more complicated but do-able.

1. Go into Songs screen, select your song, and hit the AudioCopy icon (second from left along top) then hit the Copy Audio button, close the screen
2. If you have an AudioCopy/Paste compatible app (ishred, etc..) you'd simply launch that app and then paste the audio into the app. But it sounds like you want the audio in the iTunes folder so let's continue.
3. Now go into Backing Screen, tap to "select song or change song" (middle song name field), the Audio Tracks screen opens, press paste icon in bottom left and then the green Paste button on the next screen.

After step 3 you'll find a .wav file in the BeatStudio documents folder in iTunes file sharing.

We have a item in our todo list for making this more obvious and also allowing audio files to be emailed from the app.