Let me start by saying I am a big fan of Ishred LIVE and I use it in live situations.  I like the new 2.3 update but I have to ask a burning question...Why no REVERB??? This makes no sense why you guys didn't add REVERB to the amp simulator in this last update. If you read the app feedback on the app store everybody is asking for it.   

IMHO, here are 2 must have updates:

1. Reverb - not a separate pedal because I don't want to use it as one of the 4 pedals I can have activated at one time.

2. A Distortion Pedal - Please, Please, Please give us a decent distortion pedal so we can play some Hardrock or Metal!  Guys, HOT FUZZ just doesn't cut it.  You just can't


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Yes REVERB is absolutely essential to making this app usable in a live situation.  The next update must have reverb.

I agree, reverb and more distortion models are much needed. I think a new amp simulator with reverb and EQ is in oder.  I can only use 4 pedals at a time so I want reverb and EQ the simulator not new pedals.

I use iShred in live situations with pretty good results.  There are some critical new features that need to be added in order to make this the best, most usable guitar app for live situations.

1. Reverb...seriously, no reverb on the amp simulator????
2. Another AMP simulator, something with more gain.
3. A distortion pedal is seriously missing.  As it stands Now I cannot get a heavy sound from iShred.
4. EQ - Not sure why such a basic function such as EQ was left out.

If future updates don't include these critical features I will not be able to continue to use iShred in live situations anymore.