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Hello, I  just bought PianoStudio from iTunes Store. After I start the application, it takes approx.30 seconds (if at all) before it runs. Then, after 1 minute use, it hangs itself up. I have de-installed and re-installed, re-downloaded etc. etc. at no avail.
My iPhone is the latest 3GS with 32 Gb, only three weeks old. Other apps run without any problems.
Who can help?  Thank you.

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Hi there. I don't have a great idea here. Have you power cycled your iPhone since downloading the app? (Not just had it go to sleep and back, but help down the power button for several seconds until it starts to power down, the power it back up.) The iPhone can consume memory in some cases without releasing it, and that would clear the issue.

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Hi there,
Thanks for your suggestions.
Meanwhile I could sort the problem out together with the PianoStudio Support team. The Solution is simple: Until the app. has been modified, switch the phone into "Flight Mode". Then the app runs perfectly!
The Compny is adjusting the PianoStudio prog to overcome the problem.
Thanks again!