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I can get to the page where the song is posted but there's no actual link, just a blank white scroll box.  Please help.

Re: Song link doesn't work

Hi Steven,

Can you provide a few more details? I see a song posted by "steve" called "Test" and it seems to play fine. Is that the one? What's the URL you got and what browser(s) have you tried?



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Re: Song link doesn't work

I end up here: when entering  I'm using IE 8 with Windows XP.  I get to the screen where it shows the name of the song and my user name, but there is nothing to click to play the file or nothing plays.  There is a white box under where it lists the date created and expiration date.  Thanks

Re: Song link doesn't work

If you click the link next to "download the MP3 file" do you go here?

Basically it's an MP3, so if you don't have something that natively handles it in the browser (quicktime for Windows does, probably others) then you can right click the link and just download the file and play it in whatever media player you typically use.

Re: Song link doesn't work

It doesn't even show what you're talking about.  (BTW, I can view it on Safari on my IPOD touch and play it in that, but not on my PC.  It doesn't show the link or have anything to right click on.

Re: Song link doesn't work

Ah, now I see it. Does seem specific to IE8. Thanks for pointing it out, I'll try to fix it.