Topic: B7 and A7 errors

Hi, I've recently purchased this application i was learning a new song last night and noticed that the B7 and A7 chords are incorrect unless I'm missing something! sorry if it's the case.

B7 Shows
should it be?

A7 Shows
should it be?

Re: B7 and A7 errors

Well, none of these are incorrect. They are all just different voicings of the same chord.

More deeply, the chord libraries in Guitar and iShred are based on standard chord forms that can be barred up and down the fretboard. The two chords you propose are valid "open" voicings (but good luck barring them up the fretboard!) In fact, there are many other "open" chords that are not in our library. Feel free to add your own favorites, though, with User Chords.

Re: B7 and A7 errors

Thank you for the response, i did not think it would be a problem with the app after the last few days i've discovered how good the app is.
I've brought ishred too because i'm so happy. Obviously in this case i spoke up to soon without exploring the application fully.