Topic: Coming soon - iShred 1.90

We are putting the final touches on the next release of iShred. The biggest feature will be adjustable string tuning. Each string can now be adjusted +/- seven semitones making it easy to setup Drop D or any other tuning. There's a new icon in the edit screen (tuning fork) and when you choose it you can then adjust each string as you see fit for the song.

* settings volume control will be independent of system volume
* animated strings
* a few other tweaks and fixes

Thanks for the great feedback.

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Re: Coming soon - iShred 1.90

Excellent news about the alternate tuning possibility. May I just insist again on one point: intua or sonoma wireworks audio copy paste is really needed in Ishred. I work on most of my stuff on the go and not having to use the PC to transfer integrates so much better my other music apps. This has become so true that I was really using less and less IShred, that is until the fast app switching and background playback made it possible for me to have my drums and bass line (and/or other instruments) playing from ThumbJam and could actually play Ishred on top of it. This is a revolution to me and it just makes me  even more certain that at this precise moment I would like to record in Ishred the guitar part and export it on the fly to my other apps!

Anyway I'm very glad that IOs 4 revived my interest for Ishred as it really is a fantastic and inspiring app!

Thanks again for your good work!

Re: Coming soon - iShred 1.90

Fire up your iTunes/AppStore, iShred & Guitar 1.90 are now available!

Enjoy your weekend!

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