Topic: iShred 1.91

Submitted to Apple this morning.

What's New:

* AudioCopy and AudioPaste between apps using Sonoma Wire Works' AudioCopy SDK (also supports Beat Maker)
* Shake the device up and down for vibrato
* String animation can be manually disabled
* Other small improvements and bug fixes

Re: iShred 1.91

Thanks a lot for this update, I waited so much for the copy/paste feature to come to IShred! One thing though, when I hit render in the playlist (I think that's the way to produce an audio track to copy/paste afterwards, right?) it doesn't do anything else than giving me an IP address for my PC to import the track... Am I missing something?

Re: iShred 1.91

Hi Mat,

Yes, there's all KINDS of rendering going on.

The playlist function is for rendering your playlist tracks into songs for download to your computer. An export, if you will, where it doesn't save a local copy.  Oh, and you can also get a songs MIDI representation.

To create (render) a track for copying or use as a backing track you go into the recorder (right menu, main screen), choose SETUP, and towards the bottom click the Save as Audio Track button. This turns the current song into a local WAV that you can use either as a backing track, or copy/paste into other applications. It will then show up in the Audio Tracks page and also on the Backing Track page (recording/setup page, tape the top Track field).

Hope that helps.


Re: iShred 1.91

Cool, I was kind of sure I was missing something... Thanks again, it works like a charm. Kudos again for your great products, I'll probably buy both Guitar and Piano Studio today since I heard they got audio copy too (read that on Palm Sound). Cheers. Mat

Re: iShred 1.91

Yes, Guitar 1.91 has AudioCopy/AudioPaste and PianoStudio will have AudioCopy once it's approved by Apple (we submitted it early last week).


Re: iShred 1.91

Just bought both of them earlier this afternoon. I'm in the process of exploring Piano Studio and it's really cool, already had fun with Guitar as the transition from IShred is completely straightforward! Thanks again for listening to your customers and having included audio copy/paste. Now I'll need a bass guitar and palm muting ;)...The former could be standalone and the latter in-app purchase maybe...

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