Topic: Unable to paste tracks from Ishred

Excellent apps you have going there...I just bought Piano Studio, and Cowbell plus to add to my collection of apps developed by you guys. All of them sounds awesome and as close as possible to the real musical instruments! :)

Anyways after watching this video I tried exactly as you have shown, but after copying and when I opened Guitar to paste the track over...the 'Paste' button just seems to grey out disallowing me to paste the previously copied track from IShred... … re=related

In IShred however, both the edit and paste buttons seems to be working just fine...any advice on this?



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Re: Unable to paste tracks from Ishred

Hi Zahn,

First off thank you for your support!

Yes, it turns out with iOS 4 our old method of performing copy & paste no longer works. We remedied this by integrating the AudioCopy SDK from Sonoma Wire Works into version 1.91 of Guitar and iShred. This will not only fix the inter-app copy bug, but add a whole bunch of new apps to the mix as well as a 12 song copy/paste buffer.

The new versions have been submitted to Apple, so hopefully they'll approve it in the next week or so.


Re: Unable to paste tracks from Ishred

Hey, that's really awesome! Thanks...

Can't wait for the update.. :)