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Tabs are in a 2x5 grid =10 tabs
For songs with more tabs I have a suggestion.
Make tow buttons at left and rigth position of tabs and a slider at top.
Song parts must die because of the position, the size of buttons while playing with iShred guitare ...

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Hi, thanks for the feedback.

We are looking into a few different approaches for this and trying to come up with the most natural for organizing and navigating while playing a song. It's a good challenge and we hope to get something out in a future release.

What many folks do in the meantime is to create a whole new song, and then just hit the right arrow next to the song name to switch to the button layout for the second (and third, etc..) part of the song.

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Well as you can hear while playing Drum Meister, it's a way to get  more control with the position you take position on a tab.
While playing iShred, it's very difficult to get the string off like Reggae or Ska style. But it's possible ! On  left hand: tab button can be down/up for play on/off in settings. But why not using the position from the middle to borders. Usefull to help learning a the instrumental meaning :
‘I put a finger on you’ and it's sensible !

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We may, this way get more : bend on tab button. More realist !
Sliding at extrem left or right we may touch two new tabs each time, etc... Total +4tabs each time ...
More finger's sensations playing on left hand ! A new instrumentation of the good old one, but not so far from guitare.

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Re: Tabs vs Song

hey ovea,
You can easily get quick strings off (like Reggae or Ska style) by turning off "Button Lock" in settings. Then you can strum, and quickly lift your finger off the chord button to mute. Works great for that!