Topic: Recording into your DAW

I love my guitar app!!! Only one thing would make it an even better instrument (I said instrument, not just app).
Is there a way I can play and record straight into Logic or any other DAW? Maybe something like connecting my iphone via cable to an input on my audio interface (like I would with a real guitar).
THAT would make this not just an app for fun, but an actual instrument that musicians/producers etc can use to produce professional quality music.
I'm asking about this because I'm producing music but am no good at playing a real guitar, while I'm actually quite good with my guitar and ishred apps.
Is there any way to get around this right now?

Re: Recording into your DAW

There is no reason that you couldn't run a cable into your Mac's audio input, or into the input of an audio interface connected to your Mac. You just need the correct cable. Coming out of your device, it is an 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo output. You would need a breakout cable to go into the stereo inputs of an audio interface (TASCAM US-122, M-Audio FastTrack, ...), typically a male stereo 1/8" to dual male mono 1/4". Or you can patch it directly into your Mac's stereo audio input. For that you just need at male stereo 1/8" to male stereo 1/8" cable.