Topic: Recording vocals

Hello, I would really like to see the ability to record vocals/microphone audio along with the guitar at the same time.   I'm a songwriter and know that this would be amazing for anyone who writes songs to be able to play chords and hum or sing over the chords; pretty much a complete song sketching tool above and beyond all the other guitar apps.  Is this something you might add?

Re: Recording vocals

Hey there,
Well, we have actually been talking about doing something like this recently. Now mind you, we have no commitment to this feature yet, BUT if you have any details about what you're looking for, now would be a great time to share them!  :-)

Re: Recording vocals

Hey, great to hear you are considering adding this feature. What I'm envisioning is maybe a second record button that has a little microphone icon on it to indicate that it will record guitar and the mic at the same time.  In the settings you could have a second slider to balance the vocal level against the guitar level. 
There may also be users who want to record the guitar part and then overdub the vocals in a second pass, so maybe there could be an option in settings to set that second record button's function to either record both at once (default) or overdub vocals only. 
It'd be really cool to have a bit of processing on the audio.  I saw you already have reverb in the app so it'd be cool if you could apply that to the vocal audio.  A killer bonus would be optional autotuning of the vocals since a lot of us aren't that great at singing.  The LaDiDa app is a good example.

Hope that helps.  Looking forward to seeing this feature in the future!