Topic: Asignable stomp-box button on play screen.

I would soooo love it if there was a button, just below the strings, opposite end of the chord/fret buttons, that you could asign a stomp box effect to, right on the playing screen.
You could either togle between two single stomp-box efects that you set up. or cooler yet, asign a series of set boxes on one side of the togle and another series of set boxes you chose and edit on the other.
so its one button. you hit once and it goes to overdrive and one or two other boxes combined. you hit again and it goes clean with a bit of reverb and echo too.
something like that.

i would just like to be able to change the sound of the guitar in mid play rather than having to go to the stomp box menu to do so.
what do you think?
awesome app. by the way. i love it.

Re: Asignable stomp-box button on play screen.

Also, keeping in mind asthetics. i dont pressume to place a visible, recognizable stomp-box on the play screen. that would waste good space and look ugly too. A simple round rivet like, button of a sorts somehwere in the middle of the bottom would look nice. it would visibly look pressed or depressed. something like that.