Topic: Any chance to see it on androïd ?

Hi there,
I just discovered theses iphone apps, and it seems really amazing !
The problem is I don't have a iphone :)
Any chance to see these apps comming to android in the futur ?

Re: Any chance to see it on androïd ?


We have done some exploration to see if it is possible and all of our checks showed that the audio performance on the OS & devices just wasn't up to the real-time requirements for acceptable app performance. We're keeping an eye on new android versions (and devices) to see if this area of the OS gets addressed.


Re: Any chance to see it on androïd ?

Too bad ! Thx for the reply ;)

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I don't know if you're a staff member or anything (your "pfront" user name suggest it ;p) but if it is, this is great news.

Since my last post I was searching the net why android had so few music application (I have currently no smartphone, and am plannning on buying a high end one this year since there will be the new dual core generation).

I was very disapointed to see music applications as yours or others like 4tracks and such didn't exist on this OS because of shity sound sdk.
Seems the 2.3 android version had improvement on this side but was not sufficient, was there an announce for impovement that would enable low latency sound on 2.4 or 3.0 ?

In any case i think i'll wait until iphone5 and see if android fill the gap to decide which smartphone to buy.
No point in buying 500$ phones if they cannot do all you want them to do.
Even if i really don't want to buy an iphone (and to install itunes wich i can't stand ...) theses types of music apps could decide me to do it against my will ! ^^

Keep this thread up to date with news on it please :)

PS: Sorry for the "report post" misclic

Re: Any chance to see it on androïd ?

Sorry, pfront13r wasn't a staff member (looked to be a spam account).

At present we are not porting any of our apps to Android: plenty of things keeping us busy on the iPhone platform right now.

Good luck in your decision on which phone to buy.


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