Topic: adding songs to playlist

for the life of me I can't get see how to transfer songs from my music library on my I-phone to the guitar playlist. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Re: adding songs to playlist

In iShred LIVE there's an iPod | Local button toggle at the top of the Music page. Tap iPod and then tap the window below. It will bring up a standard music picker where you can choose an individual song. Once you've selected the song you can setup in'out points and looping if you like.

Is that what you mean?

Re: adding songs to playlist

Thank you fargo.  I have IShred and Guitar. When I click on playlist the standard songs that were on there come up. I can't figure out how to get to the library from there. The only icons on the top are render and done.  On the bottom there are the basic five. Don't know where to go from that point.

Re: adding songs to playlist

Oh, iShred & Guitar are totally different. ":^)

Playlist is only your songs (or those you've downloaded via AirPlay).

From the main screen tap the right menu button and choose Player. Then click the Setup button on the mini panel. That will bring up a music player pretty much like I described for iShred LIVE.

It's kind of an odd name, I'll admit, but the player is for playing music along with whatever you are performing in iShred or Guitar. You can pick songs from your iPod library or even import stuff via wifi or Audio/Copy paste (i.e. other music apps).

Hope that does the trick!