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My iShred Don't Work For The iPad. Please Help! It Says On The bottom Of The Screen No Input. Please Help Thanks!!Charles

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Hi Charles,

A couple questions and suggestions.

Are you using the Griffin Guitar Connect cable? Also, what type of guitar are connecting to?

The first, easiest test, is to see if you can borrow someone's iPhone headset and plug that straight into the iPad to verify that iShred LIVE is working with audio input. Once that is verified then it's a matter of figuring out which of the other elements might be having problems.

Let us know what you have and we'll work from there.


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Hi guys. I just wanted to tell you about a tool i did for the iPad. Its an MTG app that can help out with keeping scores, keeping track of tokens, counters etc. I just released the app, and will hopefully release an update in the near future that will add more functions, but please check it out. Here's a few promo codes so you can try it out. If more needed, i will post here:
I would love constructive feedback!

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