Topic: clipboard

I have moved some audio files from iShred to Ampkit via Apple copy/paste using clipboard.
Ampkit lists all the previous files to paste. How do you clear the clipboard?

When I named the files in iShred Live, the names sometimes do not appear or are still called Unnamed with the name I call it in parentheses.

iShred Live crashes if you try a wav at 22kHz.


Re: clipboard

Good questions.

Regarding clearing out the buffer: I haven't seen anything in the docs about this (i.e. the Sonoma Wireworks AudioCopy/Paste SDK) nor in other apps that support it.

There's some oddities with how the naming works. If you don't type a name in the copy dialog, then it should use the name of the iShred LIVE. If you tap in the naming field, then it puts the old name in parenthesis and whatever you type before it (even if you don't type anything). This is the default behavior of the SDK, but we've experimented with different approaches in other apps and may change iShred LIVE in the future too.

As for the crashing bug, sorry about that! We've put it on the list to check out and fix.